The Day I Consumed 3 Coconut-based Beverages

I wore this to: try coconut milk-kefir; talk to 40 people at a street fair about feral cats and trap-neuter-return; drink coconut water; turn down buying a $15 canvas bag; watch Best Boy

shirt/feral for life!
skirt/5-6 year-old h&m
sunglasses/b.johnson from stoop sale

After talking to a hell of a lot of people all day about their outside and indoor cats, my social skills are shot. I like doing outreach at street fairs because they're a great way to introduce fixing feral cats to folks who don't even know you can do such a thing (let alone know to seek out the resources to do it). I also get a lot of people with pet cats talking about whatever their gripes are (behavior, low-cost vet care, etc.) and can offer some tools that will hopefully help keep cats in their current homes. It's just tiring. And uh, a lot of people show me a lot of pictures of their cats. Which is better than being apathetic, I guess! It's just totally strange. One guy told me his cat knows how to speak. "Mommy." And "Amore." *sigh*

I have a sneaking suspicion I've already seen Best Boy years ago. Or maybe I saw Best Man that had clips of Best Boy. Netflix amnesia?


  1. Knowledge is power! And knowing is half the battle! I admire your outreach work. :)

  2. Hmmmm, we're considering adopting a cat from the RSPCA, we don't mind what it looks like or how old it is but are hoping that there are cats out there that like (tolerate) kids. Ours aren't mean or rough with animals, but still. I love it when I see a re-mixer that still wears items they've had in their closets for years. Cute flats too.


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