Congrats to me!

I considered buying both the kelly green Marais espadrille @ Kind Boutique (would rather slightly higher heel) and the Mat & Nat Axel bag @ Gilt (not wide enough for enough stuff) today and decided I needed neither. 50 gold stars! $180 saved!

Also, it's some horrible cosmic joke that my lady-doctor is in the same building as my favorite spa. Whenever I have to go in for an annual visit, my body is like, "Really? This is where I'm going? There are wonderful back-lengthening massages happening upstairs at this very minute!" If anyone ever tells you it's not punk rock to like massages, they're liars. You got that?

P.S. - I forgot to post this skirt that I also got at the swap:

You will probably see it on me soon. You know, with some black.


  1. : ) Yeay ! to saving! hehe I just clicked the link to the sandals and on the shop page (the shoes next to the sandals) is a photo of a papillon pup... I just said "awwwww" out loud and my co-worker came in to check on me... yes, I am that pathetic and have no self control when cute animals are involved.


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