The Blues

I wore this to: make a bananas/apples/avocado shake; attend a housewarming party; walk around (this picture was taken on Riverside Dr.); buy Goody Spin Pins (review after I play around with them more)

fcuk sample shirt/beacon's closet
aa skirt
payless flats
betsey johnson sunglasses (stoop sale, $25)
melie bianco bag via baghaus

I ate way too much at the housewarming party. I maintain I'm blameless since there were homemade oreos and cream cheese finger sandwiches*, an invitation to gluttony if I ever saw one. The only time I wasn't eating was when I was holding their cute baby, who finally has a neck so I'm now willing to hold her. I don't like holding them when they're all bobble-headed and have super soft skulls. It's just too weird. (And I'm the oldest of 7 grandkids so it's not like I didn't deal with babies ever, nahmean?) [*veganz, it just looks weird to me when I type "cream cheese" -- I don't want you guys thinking I "broke the vedge" or anything]

That studded bag is my mainstay - it's big enough to haul a 2 year-old around in (unfounded) or a large cat (unfounded, but more likely to be proven). I didn't realize until mid-day that I was dressed predominantly in different blues. But I am.


  1. I love that shirt, I think the neckline is very flattering on you and the cap sleeves are really cute!

  2. love the outfit dearly! i'm eager to read your spin pin review - I picked some up yesterday but haven't played around with them yet! ;)

  3. love this outfit--it seems classic YOU.
    i want to hear about the spin pin too! it's kinda pricey but the commercials are enticing!

  4. That is one hot top. I want one.

  5. love the Melie Bianco bag I've been thinking of buy a bag from them for ages :).


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