5-Bloggers Swap: The Ruffle King

I originally thought I'd knock out wearing all of the items in the swap box in one singular week. It's probably going to take me two weeks, due to some weather conditions and you know, work stuff where I have to show up in more business-like attire.

For those of you who didn't see that post -- see here for 5-Blogger Swap Ring details. We're circulating the same set of clothes to 5 different bloggers to style as they wish. Photos and blog posts ensue!

But here's the next item...the ruffle sheath top. I totally dug it in the pictures - this is just the kind of thing I love to buy, but then never wear with any regularity. So the fact that this top goes into a box and gets passed on to other lovely ladies assuaged any guilt I had about wearing it. The only bummer was that it was too big! It looks like so far we all offset the girliness with a pair of jeans (other bloggers' versions at the end of this post). I threw on a grandma brooch as well though.

I wore this to: go to work; go to MoMA for the Artist is Present; eat at Queen of Sheba Meskerem (ethiopian)

ruffle top/swap
cardigan/discount dept store
vintage brooch/consignment store
jeans/Cheap Monday
shoes/vegetarian section on Endless.com

The sheath liner actually had enough room to fold under the lace sheath, which was a bummer. I tried to wear it under a cardigan so you couldn't tell how large it was. I originally tried belting it but to no avail as the fabric was too bunchy.

Lily of Love Charles

(link goes to all her swap outfits, including a larger version of this picture)

And the link to District of Chic's is here.

(for the life of me, I can't pull the picture to put it here for comparison)


  1. I like it!

    p.s. just seeing you in this, is motivating me to work on my box o' swap stuff.

  2. Beautiful blouse. I like seeing how you and the different bloggers styled these pieces.
    The brooch looks cute. Have we seen it before?

  3. Looks lovely on you! and does seem to go best with jeans.


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