5 Blogger Swap Ring - Print Dress

Next up in the swap box is this printed dress. It was a about a million degrees out the day I wore it so it didn't get much in the way of layering or accessories! I'm not whiner - I would rather it be hot than freezing! I prefer lethargy to headlights. Still, I'm hoping for much cooler weather when I try out the pleather skirt. You can see the denim girlfriend skirt, ruffle sheath and lace shirt worn already, here.

For those of you who didn't see that post -- see here for 5-Blogger Swap Ring details. We're circulating the same set of clothes to 5 different bloggers to style as they wish. Photos and blog posts ensue!

I wore this to: meet friends for iced coffee in the park

glorified flip flops/Payless
belt/Brooklyn Industries
tote/1st Bklyn Renegade Craft Fair

This dress is actually quite long. Way longer than I'd normally wear as far as dresses go. But since Love Charles already hiked it up in her version, I tried to see how much length a shorty could get away with. So, here it is full-length, below.

No dice!

So I decided to follow suit and hike it up like Lily did. (Again. *sigh*) The challenging part was getting all the right parts to stay under the belt when walking around town! I usually hem stuff I know I'll be wearing repeatedly but I can see this being a quick fix for dresses I might want to wear at 2 different lengths - and it's really not something I would have thought of on my own.


  1. I loved that dress on District of Chic, and it looks fab on you! I did it with the belt!

  2. It was just way too much print for me when I wore it long! I love elastic waists for the very reason of being able to wear them like this.

  3. oh my goodness. i think i am a bit braindead to make decent comments! but wanted to say- nice dress! and thanks for dropping by my blog :)


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