5 Blogger Swap Ring - The Lace Shirt

This lace shirt is the third item I'm posting from the 5 Blogger Swap Ring. You can find the first 2, the denim girlfriend skirt and the ruffle shirt, here.

For those of you who didn't see that post -- see here for 5-Blogger Swap Ring details. We're circulating the same set of clothes to 5 different bloggers to style as they wish. Photos and blog posts ensue!

I wore this to: work, take a long walk after work to walk off the stress and then dinner @ Vynl (not my first choice but it was there and they have vegetables - and Menudo dolls)

lace shirt/5 Blogger Swap
black tank/Target
skirt/resale Beacon's Closet, tailored
shoes/vegetarian section, endless.com

I wish I had better pictures because this is a swap item and I wish I didn't accidentally rip off Lily at Love Charles!

I originally planned to wear the shirt with this skirt since the shirt is square and needs a good waist to tuck it into but the skirt was too short to wear to work without tights on a day I had meetings. "Hello meetings, welcome to my thighs." Untucked wasn't an option.

So last minute I pulled out this pleated black skirt that I don't wear very often and that seemed to work pretty well. Then I go to do this post, pull up what the ladies before me have done and-- why the hay am I dressed exactly like Lily @ Love Charles? Sorry Lily!

You can see Distric of Chic's version here.

It's these pictures that made me realize that:

1) I need a haircut like crazy

2) I probably need to break down and get a new camera (the one I have is 6 years old and was originally purchased to take pictures of adoptable cats and kittens for the rescue group I used to run and no, it was never fantastic at that either!)


  1. the swap ring sounds like fun - and i love how you (and lily) have styled it. It's such a pretty top, I'd hate to have to send it along!

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. It really is such a sweet top.

    Really Menudo Dolls?

  3. ha the other day I looked at one of my blog photos and thought the same thing about my hair, need haircut stat! and I need a new camera too cause I broke the lcd screen on mine. Coincidences!

  4. I love this project! I hope more bloggers participate because it really is cool to how "normal" stylish people style the same pieces. I love that we all did skirts with this top - it seemed to lend itself to being "cinched" in a bit :-)

    Oh and I swear by my Rebel XS. The day it dies is the day I throw myself off a bridge (or something).

  5. @WildBirdVintage aka Rachel - it's a Nikon Coolpix E3100 (http://www.nikon.com/about/news/2003/e3100.htm), which I guess came out in 2003 by the looks of it (that would make sense since I got it approx 6-7 years ago)

    @La fille - oh yes. And like 5 of them in their little diorama, like this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jenkardux/438175339/ (except not NKOTB)

    @E - thanks, I'm going to put the Rebel XS on my list of cameras to look at - your photos are always really lovely.

  6. This is such a classy look, shame you can't keep the shirt it is pretty awesome.


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