SCORE! Swap v. II

First of all, I'm trying to ignore that I'm having a crap day with work issues. Second of all, the conference I was speaking at in IL this weekend has been cancelled. I am bummed but it also allows me a free weekend instead of a quickie in-and-out with IL.

SCORE! Swap is this weekend. After the last swap (and the lousy review I wrote of it), I had vowed I'd volunteer to help, to try to make it a better experience for all since I think it's a fantastic idea and I'd like to see it succeed. I was bummed when I was scheduled to speak at that conference considering my past swap experience and how I wanted to volunteer as a good show of faith after my crap review. But - now I can volunteer! So, I just used this form to sign up and am currently waiting for my assignment. If I have to be the woman who keeps used underwear out of the scarf and yarmulke boxes, so be it.

Since we are in Brooklyn, I'll be following some kind of bedbug protocol by bringing a large ziplock bag. Shamefully I totally wore stuff out of Black Bear Vintage without washing it just yesterday. I don't usually do that.

But I also picked a totebag out of my neighbor's free pile today on the way to work (a Mociun for Bird design canvas tote).

For all my bedbug infestation fears, I'm quite the trashpicker.


  1. Aw, wish I could go.

    I have to say it seems like your neighborhood "trash" is wayy better than ours...

  2. Hi Jesse! Welcome aboard. We're stoked to have you as the official "Chief of keeping used skivvies off the shopping floor" - at least for a few hours ;).

    See you Saturday, and thanks for posting the volunteer link. We'll be sending out an email soon with more detailed volunteer information.


  3. Thanks, AmyB! I'm happy to be wherever you need me and am excited to see the whole shebang! - J

    @La fille - it's really just this one house around the corner from mine that puts out the good stuff. I'm just strategically located!

  4. I need to do a million things on Saturday, but maybe this could be one of them! Thanks for posting the information.


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