Nashville to Brooklyn

I am finally flying out of Nashville tomorrow! I've been here since last Wednesday for both a conference and a department meeting and it's just been non-stop work and I have to get up at 6:30am again tomorrow. You guys know I usually go in to work at 10-11am unless I have a morning meeting, right? I did get to go out to dinner with some folks from another animal welfare agency to Wild Cow (vegan mac n' cheese, buffalo grinders hoagie). But that was it - I've seen all of 2 blocks of Nashville when I was on a work errand and then the taxi ride to Wild Cow.

Thankfully our hotel is nice and the catering has been delicious (my coworkers told me they were "going vegan for this vegan cake" over lunch). We haven't seen any areas that looked as if they had flooded although apparently they had and there are still areas that are much worse off. I donated to The Community Foundation Flood Relief.

This was the best I could do for outfit pictures:

I'm sure I'd love Nashville had I not been working the whole time. But I'll be thrilled to be back in Brooklyn. I miss my cats, boyfriend, apartment, etc.


  1. That hotel room is pretty rockin'
    it's tough enjoying places when you go for work- last time I was out in your neck of the woods it was for work and I was barely able to squeeze in a quick dinner with friends. work travel should include at least some of the fu of travel...

  2. That last hotel room mirror picture is cool, like a picture within a picture. I love round mirrors. that belt is lovely too.

  3. It's so much fun to see you in a different environment!

    And it must be kind of torturous to be somewhere cool like Nashville for work and not really get to see it :(

  4. Your hotel room looks fun! And your outfit is adorable.

  5. Thanks - yeah, the hotel was perfect. It had such a great shower that we all admitted to taking more showers than our share, given the water restrictions in Nashville. (Thankfully it was a low-flow "rain" showerhead. It was just weird to discuss such things with my colleagues.)

    And yes! It was fun having a different background to take photos in front of! I wonder if I'd be willing to do it in "real life"? I tend to take pictures before I leave and then not think about it again all day. I just don't know if I have the stamina to do it in NYC/Brooklyn since there's always people around.


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