My Saturday, by Jesse O.

I am going to split my weekend update into two posts to spare you one giant post.

This is what I wore to:

black seahorse shirt/Beacon's
jeans/Cheap Mondays
vintage carpet bag/Etsy
pink shoes/AE for Payless (olde)

detail of seahorse shirt
since it's rare to find seahorse stuff in black

- meet my friend for brunch @ Organic Grill (whole grain waffles with syrup + tofu whip, tofu omelette with Daiya cheddar, mushrooms, spinach) with my friend and her new baby

- see the Whitney Biennial before it closes

- stop in Central Park for a teeny tiny respite

- pop in Jonathan Adler and Urban Outfitters (I bought nothing, even though my boyfriend made purchases at both, but probably because I made up for it earlier in the week with a pair of vintage shoes, 2 pairs of flats, flip flops, etc.)

- stop in Dylan's Candy Bar and try to figure out what the hell is vegan- they do NOT do a good job of labeling anything (pictures below)

- have dinner at Pizza Plus (soy cheese pizza with mushrooms/garlic powder and a side of broccoli with garlic/olive oil)

Now, pictures of ridiculous chocolate I wish I could eat:

chocolate sardines, not vegan

baby and bear chocolate, maybe vegan


  1. Daiya cheddar - have heard this is the best in vegan cheeses. Is that true? Haven't been able to find it anywhere! Also clever chocolate packagers making people want their artfully wrapped goods...

  2. Yep, both the Daiya cheddar and "Italian" are very good. Better than Follow Your Heart for using in recipes.

  3. Love the little sea horse! I stay away from UO cause I always end up buying little knick knacks from there..not good

  4. That top is awesome - the first screen I ever made for screenprinting is a little seahorse and I'm tempted to get him tattooed on my forearm!

  5. Oh no! I though I left a post but it didn't get posted... Wanted to know abou the Daiya cheese- keep hearing it's good stuff- but cannot find it anywhere! Also candy shops ah! They get you everytime with their artfully wrapped goods.

    It's trouble.

  6. Oh, you *did* comment. It's the first one and I answered you here:

    jesse.anne.o said...
    Yep, both the Daiya cheddar and "Italian" are very good. Better than Follow Your Heart for using in recipes.

    May 24, 2010 11:32 AM


    Hope that helps!

  7. hahah weird! I couldn't see my comment- but not just here- for some reason I could not see any ofthe comments I left on blogs all morning. Que pasa blogger?

    I'll have to try and hunt down this wonder "cheese"

  8. I swear something totally strange is happening with Blogger - I think this has something to do with it!


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