Just a reminder - SCORE! Swap on Saturday!

Hey guys. I am just posting a reminder that SCORE! Swap is this Saturday.

Me (and my friend, S.) have been assigned to the Clothing Quality Control team between 1-3pm. I'm sure everyone and their grandmother is coming to this thing but if you're around, say hello! I will probably be doing my swapping at 3ish, once I'm off my volunteer shift. (I do have some stuff to bring.)

And with that I leave you with Heartbeat, It's a Lovebeat (the 7" my boyfriend found for me at the last SCORE! Swap, and one of my favorites). Seriously, I want everything in this video. The outfits (is that a panther?!), the choreography, Tony's moves, just everything.


  1. Darn it. I was psyched about this and even told some of my thrifty colleagues, but since my brain is out to lunch (as is my attention span) whilst grading, I over looked the RSVP fine print. And it's all full.
    (Do you know if the irresponsible types are still allowed to come?)

  2. Woah, that's crazy. This was in the email I just got, which I think was a general audience email for people who signed up, and not for volunteers:

    "// HEADS UP!
    We've had an incredible response to this event. If BKLYN Yard hits capacity, we will have to do one-in / one-out policy and no re-entries, to make sure everyone has a chance to enjoy the swap."

    In the past they didn't check that you'd RSVP'd, though! I would try anyway!

  3. Cool, thanks. Maybe I'll see you if you're not hard at work!

  4. Love Panthers! They have the most awesome hair!

    Have fun at the swap : )

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  6. Hi Jesse!
    Thanks for sorting through a few thousand pounds of clothes at Score! We met briefly - I was sporting a white romper and a red sunburn. Hope you ended up with some lovely threads for yourself.

    We're about to get cracking on our next event, the Mega-Swap for Music Nerds in November, and plan to make the Score! experience even better. In particular, to really rock the drop-off & sorting area. Now that you're a seasoned volunteer, definitely hit me up with any observations we can use to improve the next Score!

  7. Thanks, Amy! It was actually a really fun experience and I would gladly volunteer to help again, schedule permitting! I thought with the amount of work changing hands, things went pretty well (I feel strangely biased but I think it's true!). I'll email you if I can think of anything. Thanks again for all the work you put into swaps. I love them and think they're such a great idea.


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