It Lives: Style Bytes

It was strange to see Style Bytes pop up in my RSS feed again after 2 years lying dormant. It turns out Agathe didn't go into hibernation and resurface, but the site is now being helmed by someone named Nadia.

Alas, no more Molvin the pig posts!


However, in memory of Agathe's posts, here is a link to her DIY-tagged items.

** It looks like the mystery of Agathe's disappearing was cracked in this Feb 2009 comment on The Coveted's blog. You can go to Google Translator and run the article's url through Danish -> English. It turns out when she returned from a weekend away, her husband had packed up his belongings and left her. She's settled in elsewhere, happy to be free from bloggings and Molvin is now living with a new family somewhere else.


  1. Oh my goodness, so THAT'S what happened! I was an avid reader of that blog and was similarly puzzled by it's unexplained disappearance. Wow...

  2. what a story! Puts my breakup in perspective for sure.

  3. I saw this the other day, but shes's stopped posting too! kind of eerie! lets see where this goes

  4. i'm definitely going to have to sift through those DIY posts.

  5. Oh sheesh, I had no idea what had happened to Agathe, that's horrible. She was such an inspiration, and I hope she is happy wherever she is now!

  6. Thanks for posting, though I was not a reader, I love those DIY archives.


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