Cheer Up Purse

I'm not having the best week.

I am just crazy busy planning this Nashville meeting for work (and I'm also going to a conference in Nashville right before that but now we have no hotel rooms?). Coworkers were just let go and I found out that a colony of feral cats I helped fix over the winter, who live a block away from my feral cats, were all trapped and killed. (Likely killed - they never showed up at the city shelter after they were trapped so they were either killed, dumped or sold and those 3 options all basically mean "killed" anyway.) The person who told us is friends with the person who had the cats removed so they won't give up that person's information. To say I'm overwhelmed, sad and pissed off is an understatement. I refuse to stay at work until midnight tonight, again.

Anyway, I bought myself a cheer-up purse. It will not right any wrongs (unless I start carrying a taser in it for people who've trapped and killed cats?). I realized I didn't have any mid-size bags I really liked.

For days when I'm not schlepping around my lunch, books, umbrellas, etc. (Usually I use either 1 giant bag or a smaller bag and a tote. But I don't have any smaller bags I like, see above.) It's more fall than spring so oh well.

Side note: someone posted this on my block. I'm very curious what kind of person would take the time to copy and post a flier speaking out against teenagers?


  1. #@#%#$(*#$%)(#$%*!!!!

    I am so shocked and sad that someone would do that. I hope the purse really does cheer you up, that is such a huge disappointment.

  2. Ugh. That is so awful. A person who would do that to an animal deserves to be tazed. I hope you and your new fabulous purse hunt them down.

    And that poster is hilarious.

    Chic on the Cheap


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