5-Bloggers Swap Ring Week!

I have neglected to announce that I am part of a swap ring with the following bloggers (below). I've been a slacking swapper due to work business but now I'm raring to go (i.e. wear the swap stuff and send out my own swappin' boxes that have been packed and just sitting there). You can see my entire string of 5-Bloggers Swap Ring stuff, with links to how others have styled these same items, by clicking here (it'll bring you to all items tagged "5bloggers").

I was originally contacted by the lovely Erin of Both Yellow Animals, who also sent me a giant box of clothing that I'm ready to tackle and then send on for swapping! I wanted to wait until I knew I'd have enough time to think about how to wear them and to make sure I photograph everything. Here is my office foster cat, Betty, celebrating the box of clothing upon its arrival! (Don't worry, I moved her out of the box shortly thereafter.)

And this is me in my first swap-clothes outfit!

skirt and belt/swap ring items!


vintage carpetbag/Etsy

vintage sandals/Etsy

tiger pin/2nd St Flea

Here's both District of Chic in the same skirt...

And Love Charles Vintage in the same skirt...


  1. Oooh, fun! And I love that bag!

  2. I really love how everyone is injecting their own style into the pieces! I love how you styled the skirt and I'm with Franca- great bag!!

  3. Cute! Oh and you're wearing those Sandals : )

    Love it!

  4. Looking fabulous as usual! This is really sweet on you.

  5. Love what you've done with the skirt! And I cannot wait to see the rest of your outfits!

  6. Thanks for organizing the posts and all those involved! I kind of bumbled into the process with no clue where everything would end up and I would love to be able to see everyone's creations!


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