Outfit post: Something old, something new

I have been trying to remember to use smaller bags when I can and also to try to use the accessories I have laying around.

A few days ago I decided it was finally time (seasonally) to break out the straw handbag and I found it worked a million times better if I was wearing vintage shoes so the handbag wasn't the only thing vintage. (While obviously the jeans and shirt are boring modern basics.)

jeans/cheap monday
straw bag/cannot recall
vintage shoes/Vix Vintage on Etsy

Congrats to me. Hopefully I will remember to go through my smaller bags and whatnots in the near future. Watch out, whatnots.


  1. The bags really cute! and I love the shoes as well.

  2. What a great bag - it really makes the outfit! I have a straw bag and I call it "Sophia" because she always carried straw bags on the Golden Girls (and I am a dork)

  3. Love the bag & shoes! I want a straw bag as well, I saw a cute Kate Spade one in Century21 a few weeks back, I really should have bought it at the time!

  4. Gaaah, cute! Those really are great shoes.


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