Outfit post: Jesse Cash

I wore this to go to work and then to the food co-op and wait 25 minutes for the B67 that never, ever, ever comes on time, ever:

leggings/from old dance class

pin/MoCCA festival

shoes/some Austin store on So. Congress


  1. I am jealous of your ability to look effortlessly cool - I especially love the middle look!

  2. I agree with futurelint. You just look awesome all the time. Also, I really like all your shoes in this post!

  3. You rock those studs. Definitely not like a teenage mall rat.
    I am coveting your belt buckle. All the cool stuff is at Beacons when I am not there.

  4. Thanks, dudes! It was funny to post this stuff and realize I'm in all-black 24/7.

    Rad - it's weird, I haven't been to Beacon's in ages.

  5. I'm into shoes right now as all of mine are busting, and you are rocking some great shoes in these pics. Hmmmm, food for my thought and future shoes purchases. Your new pin looks perfect against the black h&m shirt too.

  6. This has nothing to do with your post, but your apartment is adorable.


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