Outfit post: Invisible Purse

"Oh, don't mind me. I'm just getting something out of my magickal invisible purse." If only.

I wore this to go to work and to a vegan dinner party (wicked good dinner), learned there's something called Ultimate Fighting Championship and played with the world's tiniest adorable dog (and I don't usually coo over purebreds):

shoes and bag/Vix Vintage on Etsy

This outfit did double-duty (hello, lazy). I wore it to work on Friday and then threw it on when I had to run out the door late to the garden meeting Saturday morning (I swear I showered the night before). I ended up wearing it all day to the MoCCA thing too. It was comfortable and a good "uniform" at least. My hair is braided and pinned up. And some card store cashier asked me if these were prescription glasses. Because they thought I might be walking around with fake glasses just because I liked the frames. (No.)

shirt/BR via swap
jeans/cheap mondays
scarf/pretty raccoon on ebay:etsy
vintage boots/old baltimore vintage on etsy
orko/wood pile in NJ in 2000


  1. Oh! I like the pinned up hair. and those flats are great. And I love that you said it was a 'wicked good dinner party' I miss the east coast!

  2. I don't know if I said this yesterday, but your outfits are a refreshing change from all the vintage gals I follow. Not that I don't obviously love the vintage look; but I am definately an in betweeny-Teeny (sorry couldn't help but spastically rhyme that) when it comes to clothing "styles". Love both of these outfits.


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