"I don't need no cook girl, I need lunch..." **

Re-nest's 10 Plastic-Free Lunchboxes post made me long for the days I was together enough to put a bento together. I am into the Planetbox and Lunchbots they list. But I really don't need any more bentos or lunch bowls. (Wow, did I just say that?) A glass straw for my iced coffee or shakes, however, might be needed. I love straws and I hate plastic.

I used to make some cute-ass lunches:

I hope tomorrow's lunch will signify my return to amusing myself with food. Today I had a banana/apple/soymilk shake (in my Stainless King), a cherry soy yogurt and an Evol burrito. Frozen burritos or frozen empanadas have been my lazy-ass lunch mainstay for a while now, sadly. It could be worse - they're good. They're just not a bento.

Also, does anyone have any advice on icing kits? There are the regular ol' bakers nubs with the bag and then the tube ones with multiple attachements.

Dead Boys lyrics as a title. Yeah. That song always leaves me a little conflicted - I'm pretty sure I don't support the whole domestic violence "your face is gonna get a punch" deal, but I am unsure I believe their dicky bravado. But still - no need to pretend it's cool. I have the same issue with Guns 'n Roses. Assuaging this is my personal belief that I can take any of those guys in a fight. *cough*


  1. ha! I read that link too...and a day later, I have a steel tiffin on its way to me. I needed a new lunchbox anyway and didn't want plastic, but that post was what finally gave me the gumption to do it.

    Anyway, on to icing - I've never used the tube ones (I didn't even know you could ice with those, I thought they were purely cookie presses) but I have the bag/tip kind and all I like it alright. The bag is kind of a pain in the ass to clean but I don't want to go the disposable route.

  2. Oh, Kelly - that's awesome re your new tiffin. I have 2 Happy Tiffin lunch bowls and I love them.

    Interesting re the icing - I'm getting the sense that most folks use the washable bag version so that's probably the way to go.


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