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Didn't break my shopping ban for this, first of all. For the holidays I usually get a Sephora gift card from my mother's partner so I had $75 to spend there (plus another $10 from the gift card I hadn't spent from last year).

Beware of gift cards -- once I use the bulk of the amount on a gift card I forget about it, even if there's still $10 on it. Whereas if I got a separate gift card for $10, I'd be totally pleased and remember to use it. Thanks, Brain, and your relative-thinking. I prefer to milk the system for all it's worth vs. giving free money to stores. I can't figure out if that's American or UnAmerican?

Back on track - this is what I got:

New lipstick
It's Nars Fire Down Below and I only skimmed the ingredients so I can't even fully confirm it's veganity. I didn't see any beeswax, carmine or anything else I recognized as an animal-derived product -- everything just looked like chemicals and botanical extracts. And Nars doesn't do animal testing.

I have to say it's the smallest, most expensive lipstick I've ever purchased but I like the color a lot. I guess everyone else does too because it's a best seller.

And, if you remember my post on Tarte's page featuring their vegan items, you'll know why I got Tarte mascara.

Plus replacement tint, Urban Decay's Lip Envy. I actually really hated this the first time I got it but I think it's the only vegan tint out there so I am willing to try again. I currently use Benetint, which is full of carmine, but doesn't stain-stain and the travel packaging doesn't leak.

The first time around Lip Envy not only immediately stained my skin (so blending it in as cheek tint was nearly impossible) but the packaging leaked, too. I'm hoping I can just siphon it into Benetint's travel packaging (that's what I was doing with a larger bottle of Benetint) instead and at least the packaging issue will be resolved. When I tried it in the store it seemed to blend better this time around so hopefully they've improved the product (it's still got a vegan label). But I'm really hoping this works out this time. I need to stop using Benetint. I hate being a traitor to my vegan people. And not even for like, a heart transplant.

OPI/Sephora Metro Chic nailpolish (this links to Sephora's blog post about it).

Yeah, I jumped on the cement bandwagon. I figured it'd be a good neutral and a forgiving home-manicure. And some birchwood sticks.


  1. I love your glasses! I really like Sephora products. I miss being able to just stop into one on my way home, although it's probably better for my budget now that I can't!

  2. You know, you inspired me to give myself my own "shopping for clothes I don't need" ban. This means not buying anything just because it is pretty and i will wear it one day(which admittedly is what i usually do). However, it excludes things like "winter coat" that is really cheap and one of a kind at a thrift store. Yup, so pretty lame-ish ban, but I've got to start somewhere.

  3. I second the glasses love -they're awesome! And I like that lip stick shade!

    I had to laugh reading about the gift card issue, because I just did a massive spring cleaning and found a bunch of unused/half-used gift cards.

    Also, have you tried any Aveda products.... I have a hook up so ya know if you ever want free lipstick and such let me know! 'Cause I end up with a lot of makeup I never get around to using/opening.

  4. nice your style.. :)

  5. Very nice picks!

    My biggest concern with makeup is animal testing. Animal ingredients are tough because not every brand labels clearly--for example, I have a Laura Mercier blush that doesn't have carmine or stearic acid or anything, but you can only find out online: the box is the same for all blushes, so they all say carmine, etc. In other words, it's tough to ever really know.

    Animal testing is pretty clear cut, though. Any company that equivocates about it or has a shady explanation (Benefit is one of them, and I loved benetint too!) is one I avoid.

  6. Thanks for the glasses compliments! I'm very glad I got them.

    @Teeny - that's awesome! I think everyone has "exceptions" to mental parameters they set so that shouldn't be disappointing! Thank you for sharing that.

    @la fille d'or -- I haven't ever tried any of their makeup stuffs but I have used their shampoos and moisturizers in the past. They are delicious.

    @whatiwore -- that is SO disappointing about Benefit being wishy washy about animal testing; I always thought they were on the "no testing" list. All the more reason to move over to Urban Decay. * sigh *


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