Decade Shirts! The Ian Astbury Version

Do you have any decade shirts? (That's not a real term and yes, it sounds stupid.) You know, shirts you've had for over a decade? {EDITED: My boyfriend has just informed me I have faulty math. THIS SHIRT IS 20 YEARS OLD! Originally I thought it was 10!}

I do! Thanks to the magic of Facebook, my mother's friend uploaded this awesome picture of me. I now not only have proof that I wore this shirt 10 years ago but I also have proof that 1) I single-handedly saved the makers of Sun In from going out of business and 2) I grew up in NJ.

Here's the then and now.


Not shown: 75 earrings in my right ear, self-pierced

It took me a while to process what is on my bottom half but eventually I remembered that, as a metal chick, I wore"stretch pants"-as-pants nearly every day and I'd get sent to the disciplinarian's office (Lip Service, Kill City, bat-splattered, skull-n-dagger riddled...stretch pants) -- and often anything I had would be ripped. I waited until they were natural holes, at least. But here. Yes, here. I am wearing "stretch pants" with runs in them. Agreed, you get runs in stockings and not pants. It's on my list to tell myself if I get to go back in time.

I love that I totally remembered tasteful outfits that were getting me in trouble for noth-iiiiing. In reality I was probably walking into school like this every day. Which also explains how I got mistaken for a hooker once. (I was wearing pleather shorts, mary jane stomps and a white gothy poet shirt -- even though I hated goths.)


I eventually used another one of my t-shirts as a template and sized it to my body. It was back in the day when bands only sold L or XL and didn't have lady-sizing (especially not on a Metallica and The Cult tour).


  1. Oh cow- this is rad- I don't have decade shirts- I do have decade converse.. but that is not as cool as this. Isn't it such a kick looking at photos of your past-self?

  2. It's like, "What were you thinking, Jesse?" The best part is I totally thought I RULED SO HARD! I mean, maybe at the time I did. I don't know. I can't remember if it was trying too hard or if these were the things I was just totally jazzed about and couldn't help but finding my way into?

  3. I heart this post. How precious is decade ago Jesse Anne? I did not have a sliver of your ballsyness in the 1990s. Way to be totally green, resizing and wearing your old t-shirts!
    I gave you a blog award. Pop on over to "claim" it.

  4. Oh during that time, I remember wearing a skirt that was essentially three bandanas sewn together as a wrap skirt. The 90s rocked man, revel in your 90s coolness.

  5. oh man, LOOK AT YOUR HAIR! Genius! I have quite a few decade items of clothing, but no tshirts.

  6. My decade shirt is also a band tee, a black and white Ramones shirt, and a tank top with the Clash on it with studded sleeves. Oh yes. I will have to work these into an outfit post soon : ) I do have a pic of me at 16 in my clash tank top I can dig up, this is a fun idea. Also, love the belt you're wearing in your decade-ago photo.

  7. Oh Allisun I would love to see that!

    Thank you, everyone, for sharing this moment with me. xox


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