Decade Shirts! The Ian Astbury Version

Do you have any decade shirts? (That's not a real term and yes, it sounds stupid.) You know, shirts you've had for over a decade? {EDITED: My boyfriend has just informed me I have faulty math. THIS SHIRT IS 20 YEARS OLD! Originally I thought it was 10!}

I do! Thanks to the magic of Facebook, my mother's friend uploaded this awesome picture of me. I now not only have proof that I wore this shirt 10 years ago but I also have proof that 1) I single-handedly saved the makers of Sun In from going out of business and 2) I grew up in NJ.

Here's the then and now.


Not shown: 75 earrings in my right ear, self-pierced

It took me a while to process what is on my bottom half but eventually I remembered that, as a metal chick, I wore"stretch pants"-as-pants nearly every day and I'd get sent to the disciplinarian's office (Lip Service, Kill City, bat-splattered, skull-n-dagger riddled...stretch pants) -- and often anything I had would be ripped. I waited until they were natural holes, at least. But here. Yes, here. I am wearing "stretch pants" with runs in them. Agreed, you get runs in stockings and not pants. It's on my list to tell myself if I get to go back in time.

I love that I totally remembered tasteful outfits that were getting me in trouble for noth-iiiiing. In reality I was probably walking into school like this every day. Which also explains how I got mistaken for a hooker once. (I was wearing pleather shorts, mary jane stomps and a white gothy poet shirt -- even though I hated goths.)


I eventually used another one of my t-shirts as a template and sized it to my body. It was back in the day when bands only sold L or XL and didn't have lady-sizing (especially not on a Metallica and The Cult tour).


New Rouge

Didn't break my shopping ban for this, first of all. For the holidays I usually get a Sephora gift card from my mother's partner so I had $75 to spend there (plus another $10 from the gift card I hadn't spent from last year).

Beware of gift cards -- once I use the bulk of the amount on a gift card I forget about it, even if there's still $10 on it. Whereas if I got a separate gift card for $10, I'd be totally pleased and remember to use it. Thanks, Brain, and your relative-thinking. I prefer to milk the system for all it's worth vs. giving free money to stores. I can't figure out if that's American or UnAmerican?

Back on track - this is what I got:

New lipstick
It's Nars Fire Down Below and I only skimmed the ingredients so I can't even fully confirm it's veganity. I didn't see any beeswax, carmine or anything else I recognized as an animal-derived product -- everything just looked like chemicals and botanical extracts. And Nars doesn't do animal testing.

I have to say it's the smallest, most expensive lipstick I've ever purchased but I like the color a lot. I guess everyone else does too because it's a best seller.

And, if you remember my post on Tarte's page featuring their vegan items, you'll know why I got Tarte mascara.

Plus replacement tint, Urban Decay's Lip Envy. I actually really hated this the first time I got it but I think it's the only vegan tint out there so I am willing to try again. I currently use Benetint, which is full of carmine, but doesn't stain-stain and the travel packaging doesn't leak.

The first time around Lip Envy not only immediately stained my skin (so blending it in as cheek tint was nearly impossible) but the packaging leaked, too. I'm hoping I can just siphon it into Benetint's travel packaging (that's what I was doing with a larger bottle of Benetint) instead and at least the packaging issue will be resolved. When I tried it in the store it seemed to blend better this time around so hopefully they've improved the product (it's still got a vegan label). But I'm really hoping this works out this time. I need to stop using Benetint. I hate being a traitor to my vegan people. And not even for like, a heart transplant.

OPI/Sephora Metro Chic nailpolish (this links to Sephora's blog post about it).

Yeah, I jumped on the cement bandwagon. I figured it'd be a good neutral and a forgiving home-manicure. And some birchwood sticks.

How do you swap, thrift or buy resale and NOT get bedbugs?

By the time you read this I'll hopefully have hauled my cookies off to one of the Brooklyn swaps and am unearthing useful (and incredibly pretty and well-fitting) articles of clothing.

When I spread the news of this swap to others in my area, some friends told me they didn't want to attend because of BEDBUGS.

Bedbugs are a totally valid fear here in NYC. There is an epidemic. I personally know 6 people who've had them and almost every friend I speak to seems to know another few. Mattress covers are being stocked per month in the hundreds in stores that were selling 1 per day just last year. I know other cities (I'm looking at you, San Francisco) also have issues with bedbugs. They can live for 18 months in virtually anything without eating -- picture frames, clothing, books -- and the real kicker about them is there is no way to kill their eggs. Save DDT.

But fear of bedbugs making people miss out on clothing swaps is sad news to me. Fear of people buying clothing from resale places is also sad to me. If you are going to swaps, to Beacon's Closet, to Buffalo Exchange, to Brooklyn Flea here in NYC...should you be worried about bedbugs?

Yeah, maybe.

Some of those places steam their stuff but apparently you need to steam effectively to get rid of them and yeah, bedbugs are pretty easy to get.


If you think this is an issue and you'd like to take precautions, I'm laying out some bedbug basics below and I'll direct you to hub of all bedbug info, bedbugger.com.


** Just an edited note: the part that actually kills the bedbugs here (as commenters noted) is the clothes-drying. The bagging is just to contain the bedbugs so they don't infiltrate your apartment while the clothes sit in a laundry pile and the washing is mainly because I assume everyone will wash thrift store/swap clothing before they wear them. Thank you, commenters, for pointing out that fact was not obvious in the way the steps are written out!

1. Put everything you get in ziploc bags at the location of the store or swap (you don't want the bugs crawling out of the bag in your home; I plan to bring a ziploc in a tote bag and then put the tote bag in the ziploc after I'm done carrying the stuff home)

2. If you've tried stuff on over your own clothes, put those in the ziploc bag, too. I usually do this in the hallway if I think I have anything on me (this goes for when I'm working Spay Day, too, and I think I might have fleas on me!) but if you can't do it outside your apartment, go right to your bathroom, strip in your shower and then run your shower with hot water

3. Make sure you seal the ziploc every time you put something in it!

4. Bring ziploc bag to the laundrette ASAP; needless to say, don't rub all your "questionable" clothing on the clothes you're wearing when you do it. (Alternately, you could bring everything to a dry-cleaner and let them know it's possible these clothes might have bedbugs but that's up to you.)

5. Wash and dry your clothing (hot wash, dry until well-past dry)

6. Get rid of the ziploc

7. Put your washed-and-very-dried laundry in a clean bag (laundry or whatevs, just not the ziploc you carted them there in) to take home


This section talks about how to deal with bedbugs and clothing.

This section talks about using steam to get rid of bedbugs (I haven't read all of this yet but it's now my train-reading to see if I can use my steamer to possibly get rid o' any visitors) I've now read through that section and you can't kill bedbugs with just any ol' clothing steamer so that's not an option

Now that my civic duty is done, happy re-using!

(And as Rad notes in the comments, clothing is easier to treat for bedbugs removal...use precaution with furniture. Bedbugger.com has some info on how furniture is treated but I do keep a box of DE in my house to dust new stuff with.)