Monday's Outfit & Neighbor "Freecycles"

Alrighty. Now I'm finally catching up. This is Monday's outfit.

Monday was a weird day. I told my colleagues I'd pick up some vegan cupcakes en route to work. I had to take the B63 bus to the store and on the bus an old woman kicked me with her moccasins of fury and insisted I move to the back of the bus so her legs, and her granny cart, would have more room. My answer? I pulled a Cher of the Silverstone variety. "Oh my god EW!" I moved about a foot away, but far enough that her lil' stubs couldn't reach me.


  1. Around here (upstate NY) people leave their unwanted pieces of furniture on the sidewalk on Monday evenings. I haven't come across anything interesting yet, but one can always hope! Btw, love the print on the dress, and you definitely should have kicked the evil granny back! ;)

  2. Are you lovin your hair yet? It really suits you this length. And agree with The Waves...that print on the dress is cute. I don't know why, but I'm imagining that the old lady on the bus was stinky. "moccassins of fury" ha ha snort!

  3. I wish we did. I'd have all kinds of stuff all over my front yard:) But there is a place in our area that takes used clothes and books and such and gives them away to anyone who needs them. Let me tell you, that place saved my family's life. When I was younger, we had NO money and my mom and siblings and I would all go there and go through clothes and such like most people would go to any regular clothing store. We went every weekend and were able to get toys to play with and nice clothes to wear etc... It was always fun getting to nib nose through other people's stuff and since it was all free, if we wanted something, mom could get it for us:)It really was a blessing!

  4. I love that dress! soo pretty ;) That story of the lady kicking you out of the way and you pulling a "cher" is amazing! hahah!!! I love it! Seriously, NYC has some of the craziest, most clinically insane people walking it's streets, but 90% of them can be found in anything that has to do with public transportation, i.e. - subway, buses, etc etc :)

  5. yup, the radiator in my lobby is the free stuff spot. Mostly books, but sometimes some other things.
    I love the basket idea, I got a few ones in Africa which have been great to stash hat and gloves and winter stuff like that by the front door.

  6. I love that basket. My neighbors are not big sharers, but I LOVE to freecycle. Bedbugs have been a big issue here as well, so I've had to be more careful in the last year or so. Ugh, bed bugs are so gross!

  7. Oh, yes. Finding free stuff on the street is the best possible thing. I've found a blue ceramic tea kettle, an iron, a purple sweater, a stool, a tablecloth, and a blue sweatshirt along the sidewalk, just to name a few. I call 'am "ground scores."

    Sweetfern Handmade

  8. @TheWaves - trust me, I thought about it!

    @Teeny - yes, I'm finally into it. It's working out now, after 8 months of growing it. It still needs another 3-4" though.

    @ms kitsune - That is a great story in that it was there when needed. I was raised by a single mom with 2 kids so I think if we had a place that not only provided that tangible stuff for us but provided my mother with that peace of mind in helping provide for her family, it would have been really valuable.

    @heart charlie - absolutely agree re public transportation here. The sad part is you never know until they open their mouths (or, you know, kick you).

    @Dog - first of all HELLO. Second of all, I love that it's within your building. You probably don't have to worry about the bedbugs as much!

    @Alli - I love Freecycle too. Usually I only look when I'm giving stuff away and then forget about it for a little while but I've gotten a bunch of stuff off of there, including my dishes. Oh god I know bedbugs are the WORST. The animal shelter I work for just told me they had to stop accepting pillow donations because some were infested with bedbugs.

    @Kristina - Nice finds! I wish I was finding purple sweaters outside. I rarely find clothes for me (lots o' kids stuff though).

  9. my goodness, I am loving your home...the background is so cool! I am having some serious envy.

  10. Thanks WildBirdVintage- that is a very nice compliment coming from you!


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