How do you abstain from walking around in 5 layered union suits in the winter?

This is another backed up outfit post. Mostly I wore a bunch of the same denim and sweatshirts or cardigans because it was so cold so I was uninspired to photo-document. If you can think of less boring ways to be warm, please let me know. Aside from dressing like half the people on Hel-Looks (the ones who look warm but maybe are wearing ill-fitting items). Maybe I'm wrong and their jackets are just big.

But really, like Oranges and Apples, I don't mind a little constructive criticism, especially when I'm in a horrible just-want-to-live-in-thermals rut. [O&A post on critique in fashion blogging here]

Maggie's org cotton legwarmers'
maiden voyage

I do like these legwarmers a lot.
I have some acrylic knit ones but it's nice to have some cotton ones in rotation as well.


"Sweatsuit Alternative"

I didn't mind this one because the BBW sweatshirt makes it slightly less bo-ring.


Actually a sweatshirt

I forgot I had these snowboots so that was a good find, even if it was already January by the time I found them.

However, does it look like I planned to never leave the apartment? Because I did.


  1. you're preaching to the choir!
    i personally like a lot of lighter layers (i feel stifled in something gigantic like an enormous sweater), and silk long underwear which can hide under anything.
    but: that's not exactly fashion, is it?
    oh well.

  2. I think I'm confused as to how to wear giant bulky boots and not look like a mountain woman? Or how to, psychologically, want to wear cocooning items because that's how I feel mentally?

    I do feel better in thinner layers and also layering long johns, dance leggings or footless tights, too.


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