I just want to thank each and every person posting about wearing clothes in winter.

Hating winter.
Motoring on.

It makes me feel less alone.

What I will also tell you now is that I don't believe most of you are enduring weather colder than I am (even if you say you are and post temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit so I don't even need to calculate it), especially if you live in the south.

Especially if you make a post on layering and there's a t-shirt and cardigan in there with some jeans and tights and a pair of boots. Even though I wear the same thing and am suitably warm, I still don't believe that makes a warm outfit. It looks cold. And most importantly, it doesn't make winter go away. And my face is still cold. And my nose still runs. I still believe some magickal outfit will just eradicate the winter-feeling for me. Maybe it's a faux-fur lined Hazmat suit? Boy in the Bubble a la John Travolta?

I am unsure why I have this unruly distrust of y'all and your winter posting. (That "y'all" was for you southerners I singled out unjustifiably before.) Or why I think winter only happens to me. No amount of "if...then..." logic statements seem to turn that around for me.

I am just bad at winter.

Every time I see an outfit post outside during winter I think, "Guys! You're going to freeze!" Who would bring such torture upon themselves?

This is my outwear. Earmuffs. Purple Brooklyn Industries infinity scarf. Spiewak coat. Grimace. Gloves or mittens are also in there somewhere. Firmly in place when I'm outside.

This was in the basement of the local antiques store - I covet their gigantor mirrors.


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