I am trying to be more posi today (although the little voice in my head keeps saying "$300?!"), so I thought I'd share with you some things that are making me happy.

I wear my hair up quite a bit so I can't do hats very often. Earmuffs are the obvious solution but I could only ever find the cheapo adjustable band style, which would squinch up on my head even though I tried to tape them into submission with black electric tape. (Classy.) All of the higher quality ones I saw online were either wool or - worse! - fur. Over my dead body, universe! While accidentally wandering down St. Marks on my way back from erranding, I poked around at a few storefronts to check out the earmuffs they have. Mostly acrylic (huzzah) and this was the best design I could find.

Overall, this winter I have a smugly satisfied feeling when I note how I've finally finally gotten some sense knocked into me about layering and being warm regardless of wearing dresses vs pants -- and just being more appropriately dressed overall.

Pollyanna Swap Gift
I picked the smallest gift with the fabric wrapping during the $5 limit gift swap - I thought it was very dainty and cute and the insides reflected the outside! What a cute present. (I brought a hat, scarf and NYC change purse as my gift and thankfully it went to a girl who needed a hat and didn't want to swap it either.)

Also: vegan cupcakes. We have a ton in our work kitchen still from our prior holiday gathering and I've eaten a cupcake a day for a few days now.

Now, back to monies for clothes.

I have been thinking more and more about my monies situation and what I'm going to do. And I'm trying to see it as a challenge to step up to, vs. a horrible fate befallen a tragic woeful princess. I have tried to budget before and the more restrictive I get with it, the more spiteful I get with it (to the tune of spending $200+ on a sundress and ripping the tags off as soon as I get home so I can't return it, immediately jamming it into my closet). I imagine I need to convince my subconscious that it's not about denying myself something (which makes my brain think, "How dare you tell me I can't have that!") vs. having priorities in how I spend my money.

Another thing I worry about is useful impulse buys. I no longer buy a lot that I won't use. But for the times when picking something up at that very time is incredibly convenient.

Example: I got stuck in the rain in fabric shoes, socks and legwarmers and was soaked through to the bone. I stopped in a shoe store and bought these:

...a pair of heeled snowboots I'd been looking at anyway, that I would likely have bought eventually. And a pair of dry socks. If I hadn't I would have been wet and miserable for much longer. I'm probably going to have to stop buying to "fix" a situation in the future.

I have already started to try to pare down, or reframe. For instance when I see the cut of something I like, I try to note the cut, or the shape or the fabric I like and look for similar cuts and fits in resale or vintage.

Example: I wish every dress I owned would have the shape of a Duskin dress - there is something very boat-necky style about their shape, even though they're not boatnecks. It just creates a similar visual line to me. So from now on I'll look for that shape. Or how I can have my tailor create that shape on a resale item.

Here's to hoping I can rise to this challenge. It's a luxury problem, so how could I possibly complain?


  1. That Duskin dress shape would look perfect on you. What a great happy post!

  2. oh i love those earmuffs! i totally have the same problem with mine, which also catch on my hair in the adjustable part. the ones you got look terrific!

  3. your earmuffs are way too cute! and i know what you mean about trying to fix things with tape haha



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