Since I'm essentially on house arrest (my poor cat is on pain meds every 6 hours), I've done some intensive research on my next move in finding the perfect lunch container.

I tend to bring my lunch to work because I work on the west side (midtown)- home of the XXX shops and White Castle. There are a few salad bars but most of the stuff around is either kind of blah (and who wants to eat blah?) or $10/lunch.

So, enter bento boxes. Earlier in the year I started using and amassing some bentos. I shied away from Laptop Lunches (as used by Vegan Lunchbox back in the Schmoo days) because they didn't appeal to me - they looked uncute and kind of cheap in person. I started getting character bentos because they were cute and made me want to make my lunch. Never mind that I'm 35 and showed up at work with Sanrio lunch receptacles. (My boss actually gifted me with a Shinzi Kato Monchhichi 5-tier bento for my birthday. Take that, Doubting Thomases.) All those bento pictures are located in this set, here.

I also use a Wrap n Mat for bringing in sandwiches or veggie burgers. Or even snacks. They're versatile and are a sort of hack furoshiki for us remedial Americans.

This is Benny, my Munchables insulated lunch dude, overseeing my Wrap n Mat haul. Benny zips totally open so he can be cleaned out, one of his awesome features. Aside from his face.

The Benny

I'm sure you're picking up wonderful ideas for packing lunches for that 5 year-old in your life, right? Okay, so!

My dilemma: The issue with some of this stuff is that it's a little leaky and also sometimes if you have liquidy or oily stuff in plastic, it leaves a weird residue that's hard to get off. (I keep a dish at my desk so I never heat anything in plastic - so that's a nonissue for me.)

Somewhat solution: So for soups and yogurt (of the soy variety), I picked up this "Stainless King" Thermos-brand "food jar". Aka "thermos". I love it. It's great. Leak-proof. But it's only for stuff you'd spoon and wouldn't hold enough of, say, a salad. Or rice and vegetables.

My friend's solution: My friend has taken to using To Go Ware. Stainless steel tiffin. (More adult. She works in grants at a major art museum so To Go Ware is more appropriate.) I do like To Go Ware...but it's not leak-proof. Easier to clean, but not leak-proof.

I found Happy Tiffin! I am looking at either the 2-3 tier round latch tiffins or the lunch bowls (leak-proof with silicon seal). But which is more verstaile? And which size?


  1. These lunches are making my usual tea and muffin look downright Stalin-esque. I've really got to get off the gulag train of lunchables.

  2. I am afraid of that with the Happy Tiffin stuff - like it will look like my rations.


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