Reverse Flattery: Chanel Dress

I know I said I was going to troll my flickr favorites for outfits to steal but I've had some family health emergencies (2 human family members and 2 feline family members - believe it or not!) so I haven't had much time to look at my closet. I am too busy marveling at my horrible November!

However, via Quirky Fille's blog post here, I did run into a Chanel dress that looks exactly like a vintage dress I bought off Ebay several years ago. I got the dress hemmed (there were pearls on the bottom hemline which I had disappeared) and it came with a very similar brooch.

The picture from her blog:

And my dress
(back in 2007, when I used to post to StyleDiary):
It's darker in person. This picture is picking up a lot of white.

I was going to wear this dress to our work holiday party this year but instead I'll be in another state, visiting my family member post-surgery. Ah well. I hate work holiday parties anyway.


  1. :(
    Hope all is well for the fams soon.

  2. So sorry about the family emergencies. Hope things start going better for everyone.

  3. Thank you! Everyone's hanging in there and on the road to recovery - some longer than others!


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