Vegan Food in London

As promised a century ago, I'm writing about vegan food abroad! This first installment is what I ate in London. Talk about fond memories.

Yorica! - I saw someone on Instagram post their Yorica delight and immediately put it on my list. Everything is vegan. I'm both sad and grateful that we don't have a Yorica! in the US since I don't need to eat soft serve daily and I probably would. Delicious flavors, delicious toppings, nice peeps. The ominvore we were with seemed to like it as well. Yorica! *fist pump*

Mildred's - This place has three locations. Apparently the Soho one has a constant crowd and we foolishly thought we'd get a table for 4 on a weekend night. (We went elsewhere.) But we did manage to eat some decent salads at the Mildred's in Kings Cross to help "detox" from the amount of sugar we consumed at Cookies and Scream (on an empty stomach, no less). Not everything here is vegan but it is vegetarian. 

Cookies and Scream - This is a stall in Camden Lock and when I realized it was just a little counter I was kind of bummed that we went out of our way for it. Boy howdy, was I wrong. Below you see an ice cream cookie sandwich (in the process of melting) and a "zombie" - a delicious brownie with a marshmallow baked inside, all warm and toasty. Their latte was fine but wasn't my thing, coffee-wise. I wanted to make sure I had enough room for sweets-for-breakfast and while not the most adult plan, I am glad I had the room for splitting all this. A+!

Cook Daily @ Box Park - I was actually full when we ended up in Shoreditch near Box Park so this wasn't even my meal, but my boyfriend's. That did not stop me from trying some, though. The tofu was delicious (this is the Coco Bowl).

VX aka Vegan Cross - I had no idea this place existed and thankfully someone Facebook mentioned VX and I eventually figured out that meant "Vegan Cross" thanks to Google. A quick peek at their Instagram showed delicious-looking pastries and from that alone, it was on my list. We got this delicious berry tart (below) and the vegan cheese toastie (on a bun). They did not have the Francine in stock that day or I would have been all over that. I also stocked up on Veggo bars, some random chocolate and a package of shelf-stable individual soy creamers so I could make it through my 8 hour flight back to NYC via Paris caffeinated-enough.

Norman's Coach & Horses - We made sure we got to a (vegetarian) pub to eat pub food. Is that silly? We did it anyway. I wasn't feeling well that day so I really had to rally to get there and eat some of this but I did it because it was important to me to eat vegan pub food in London. I believe this was the Shepherd's Pie and Fish & Chips with peas?  I don't remember. It was decent and I was happy to have eaten it, even if my cramps were trying to squash all of the joy in my life that day.


Simka Sol cactus t-shirt dress

You can thank Melanie from Streets I Know for this one. As some of you may know, I've followed Streets I Know since inception (I think) and from that point on have basically used Melanie as my personal shopper. She knows. 

This Simka Sol dress (which is billed as a big tee/tunic/dress) was on my "things I want" list for a while but the purchase just never happened. Then, Melanie posted her dress to her Instagram account it looked roomy and comfortable so I finally got it. Also, it just helps to see someone who is not associating with the brand model the dress. (But it does really look just like the product pictures, so I'm giving full credit to Simka Sol on that one!)

Wills "footbed" sandals (for reals that's what they're called)

It's super comfy and I like the Simka Sol brand and their practices - I'm happy to have this as a summer and fall option. I'll probably layer it in winter, too, honestly. Black is for all seasons. 

I'm continuing to wear the same Po-em and Make it Good dresses all summer, mostly. When I'm not wearing cut-off denim shorts (like knee-length '90s style). It's at the point where I think I have to re-home all of my waisted dresses - I just can't deal with an hourglass type of deal any longer. Paper bag shape for me forever, thanks! 


Paris, Amsterdam, London, Paris (too much Paris, seriously)

I just got back from vacation (almost 2 weeks across Paris > Amsterdam > London) and I walked a lot, saw a lot, ate a lot of vegan food and partook of Paris's free public natural sparkling water. This almost makes up for what a complete nightmare their Charles de Gaulle Airport is...but not quite. The entire airport is like every single circle of Hell combined and it trapped me in Paris for an extra day under undesirable circumstances. 

I packed pretty light since we'd have access to a washing machine mid-trip:
- 4 dresses -- 1 and 2, 3 and 4 (below, sweatshop)
- 2 babydoll tops -- gray jersey, black synthetic, both American Apparel
- 2 pair of black leggings -- one Maggie's Organics, 1 American Apparel
- 4 pair of shoes (we'd be walking a lot & had various weather) - 2 sandals, 1 sneaker, 1 oxford
- 2 necklaces - one DIY clay, the other wood/plastic indie designer (these are durable and travel well)
- 2 jackets - one pleather biker jacket; 1 cotton asymmetrical "blazer" of sweatshirt material


This is my standard travel outfit - with a sports bra in case I need to sleep on the plane. If I'm wearing slip-on shoes or sandals, I bring socks for the plane. And a black scarf, always a black scarf. (And headphones.)


I wore and re-wore most of the dresses across Paris, Amsterdam and London. They're all pretty casual and comfortable but look decent enough to pass as put together with a swipe of some red lipstick. And most importantly, I can eat a lot in them. 

This is the sweatshop dress with a built in slip, with the Insecta oxfords. 

And this is the least flattering camera-angle but I'm in front of the CAT BOAT in Amsterdam!  Also called Poezenboot, it's a cat sanctuary and adoption center on a barge on one of the canals. We played with some cute cats, gave them a donation and bought some logo gear and postcards to help support them. (This is the Make It Good dress.)

And here is me in a Po-em dress and Tevas in London after I said I'd stop wearing Tevas, but totally didn't! I accidentally wandered by Tatty Divine and tried on this whopper of a tiger necklace I've been admiring online for years and is one of the only items of theirs I really like. The necklace had a decent weight and placement and I didn't feel like it was wearing me...so after all this time I finally got it. I refuse to call it an "investment piece" -- it was just expensive but I love it, so there. (I made my boyfriend take this photo of me because I was too short for all the mirrors in the Tatty Divine store and couldn't tell what the necklace looked like on me.)

This Po-em dress is the only dress I got a bunch of pictures in I guess? Again, with Sauconys, the wooden necklace & a Baggu bag. This was in Paris. I made my boyfriend take my photo in front of not one but two pieces of cat street art. I felt like this was my cat lady civic duty.

And here are some trip photos - Paris!



I'll do a separate entry about the food - I know it's helpful to me when vegans write about what they could eat while traveling and what's worth the effort so I'll try to do the same!


PO-EM day dresses

Some (one?) of you were curious about the fit of the PO-EM day dresses so here they are. If they had 10 different patterns I'd probably just buy them all and wear these every day of my life, like a better-dressed Charlie Brown. But they don't.

The awesome stuff: roomy; soft; nubby cotton; pockets; neutral; comfy

The cons: if you like figure flattery - oh well!

^ PO-EM day dress, Insecta shoes, DIY necklace ^

^ PO-EM day dress, Insecta shoes, Stitch Prism necklace ^

These are a size small and I'm usually a....I don't really know but I think probably a 4-6 at this point? 


Make It Good's Parachute Dress & Cats

When I received this Make It Good dress, I was a little disappointed. They called it the "parachute dress" and I thought they would be like the Make It Good dresses I already own -- this great "parachute" material that was thin but airy and kinda consistently-wrinkled. But this was a totally different material, way more see-through and it felt less breathable. It would be impossible to wear it without a slip or - my jam - miniskirt-length pettipants. (Hate if you're gonna hate but they're perfect and kind of Little House on the Prairie. I don't know why anyone wears traditional slips. Now, those are stupid.) The fabric - and dress - has grown on me though. It's light and airy and while it wrinkles a little, it doesn't hold wrinkles for long. 

This is not an intentional modeling pose, just adjusting the omnipresent sunglasses on my head while the iPhone timer went off.

^ Make It Good dress, Stitch Prism necklace, 
sweatshop Vans slip-ons, old tote DIY dyed ^

This tote is one of the regular ol' white totes I dyed with iDye way back when, and then I forgot to post a review. Basically everything I dyed came out this dark blue with some faded-white splotches. I thought it would be a lot lighter, or I wouldn't have dyed screen-printed totes (especially one with cat faces) but hindsight is 20/20. I know some people might care about the splotches but I'm more of a wabi-sabi gal myself, which can be translated into many less f's given about that kind of thing for the less woo woo among us. 

This year I finally discovered the beauty of ankle-length socks and they've been ever-present. I used to just wear my canvas shoes sans socks before -- kind of gross and maybe a little undignified? Hello, Civilization, I'm finally here.

Speaking of Civilization, I've just been quietly grieving the state of humanity along with the rest of you (Orlando, Trump, Brexit, weak gun control efforts, tourists beating and standing on a sea turtle they dragged out of the water to take selfies with, etc). I vacillate between anger, depression and incredulity. It's hard to know whether to keep diving in to the news cycle so you're informed in opinion or dialogue and when to give your circuits-bursting mind a break. 

But you know, when in doubt -- CATS:


The GOOD (dresses), the BAD (fit) and the UGLY (Tevas)

Dudes. It is officially summer. And do you know what I realized? Tevas don't really look good with anything. Wear them if you want. I do. But know that they are ugly and no amount of "IN but ugly" helps them not actually be ugly. All this to say, you will not see my feet in this photo, because they are shod in Tevas black Universals. 

^ Threads for Thought black scoop neck ^ 
^ vintage skirt from Vice Versa vintage/thrift ^
^ over-dyed formerly-white tote bag ^
^ Tevas you will never see on my feet online ^

If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen these already but who knows since Instagram recently messed up its linear feed view. But Po-em's day dresses are my new favorite dress. Nubby, comfortable cotton, with pockets, roomy. Also, pockets. Did you hear about the pockets?

^ PO-EM's day dresses are the jam ^

And now, for sad news. I bought this Make It Good tank a while ago - it was when they had a table at a Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair or something like that. I thought I tried it on in person but it ended up being not a great fit. So, this dude got down-graded to gym clothes. (Or upgraded, depending on how much you like exercise.) I know this one one of those things Marie Kondo hates (re-purposing clothes) but I do it a lot for gym stuff and PJs and it works out pretty well. So, if something's a cotton-blend, I always ask myself before getting rid of stuff  -- would this make good PJs or gym clothes?

^ Yes, this Make It Good tank makes a good gym shirt ^ 


Rock Fish!

Last year I bought this dress from Twitch Vintage via Etsy. She had a second one at the time in a black/white print but I passed on buying two. It took me forever to actually wear the dress and now that I have, I've discovered that it's comfortable and looks decent when paired with a necklace and can almost pass as a dress even though it really feels like "Hey, I'm wearing beach cover-up!" I have a pretty low bar for that kind of stuff so, your mileage may vary. Most of my favorite dresses are sack dresses. 

The brand is M. Mac and I figured I'd see if anyone has one for sale on Etsy or eBay, just curious. You know, not at all compulsively trying to buy other colors or prints of the things I like. And I found an overstock page that noted the apparel was all USA-made, which prompted me to look for their main site -- which is here -- and followed up with their Client Services to confirm their stuff is indeed US-made. It is! Made in Southern California!

^ M.Mac dress, necklace I had to fix, sweatshop slip ons ^

I totally get that at face value, it's not a brand that has me as a demographic buuuut I do like the black, roomy, boxy dresses with geometric prints. Those are totally in my wheelhouse. (I'm wearing model #3024.) They also offer sleeved versions, a maxi and a short babydoll dress (#4033), all fairly affordable for US-construction. 

I figured I'd share in case anyone else was interested in them. I am always supportive of good ol' mom and pop businesses that are USA-made. And you might wear more color than I do?